Season 1 - Finastra Forum Treasury & Capital Markets

Balance sheet optimization (Europe)

Although the size and complexity vary between local and global financial institutions, the balance sheet and its performance remain at the heart of every financial institution.

Yet, due to its complexity and ever-increasing number of influencing factors, balance sheet management is still largely manual, with its performance driven by intuition and experience of the management.

Fortunately, the latest advances in (cloud) computing and machine learning make it possible to crack the complicated optimization problems within a reasonable period of time.

In this session, Nitin Iyer, Solutions Consulting Finastra, Roni Saroniemi, Head of Business Development at Detech, and Mariusz Podsiadlo, Global Principal, Head of Risk at Finastra will explore how banks can use innovative technologies and AI to optimize their balance sheets and make the best decisions for both, their customers and the bank’s bottom line.

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