Fusion Post-TradeFusion Post-Trade

Fusion Post-Trade

A new era of operational efficiency in capital markets

Rethinking Post-Trade Systems for a Complex World

In capital markets, byzantine back-office environments are struggling to cope with growing regulatory demands. Pressure is growing to rationalize systems. To satisfy both the regulator and the bottom line, financial institutions need to do things differently. 

Introducing Fusion Post-Trade 

Fusion Post-Trade brings the flexibility needed to react faster and reduce risk. Fully componentized and scalable, this sophisticated post-trade solution creates a collaborative, consolidated platform that integrates asset classes, trading systems and branches, globally. 

Future-Ready Automation

Leveraging Fusion Post-Trade’s micro-services and components, banks can accelerate trade validations, reduce exceptions, and drive efficiency, leveraging innovations such as ML and AI: 

  • Reduce operational risk using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Straight-through Processing (STP) rates and resource- management compliance 
  • Track progress with KPI reports for time of resolution and frequency of errors, per asset class
  • Create a centralized, in-depth view of cash and securities
  • Streamline and optimize collateral processes, workflows and inventory usage to better manage buffers and capital
  • Reduce operational risk and improve data quality through ML innovation with Detect
  • Take advantage of Regulatory Reporting, a data enrichment solution for regulations including MiFID II, SFTR and the EMIR Review 

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