Immediate/Real-time PaymentsImmediate/Real-time Payments

Immediate/Real-time Payments

Making payments faster with immediate payments

Accelerate your move to immediate payment with Finastra solutions 

Building momentum

Immediate payments – also known as real-time payments, instant payments or faster payments – enable businesses and consumers to make and receive payments in real time. The momentum behind real time payment processing is growing globally as more schemes are introduced, accelerating the velocity of commerce and revolutionizing the payments landscape. 

Proven provider

Finastra is the market leader providing immediate payment solutions to financial institutions in the US, UK, Singapore, Australia and across Europe, and is the technology powering Sweden’s Swish national real-time payments service. 

Multiple configurations

Our immediate payment solutions can be deployed in a variety of configurations, ranging from smart gateways, to multi-network routing and connectivity, to end-to-end immediate payment processing solutions. Key capabilities include built-in digital channel integration, a microservice layer to take advantage of the latest innovations in API banking, stand-in processing to ensure uninterrupted service 24/7/365, and real-time intraday liquidity and position management. 

Award-winning technology

Finastra’s immediate payment solutions won two industry awards for their role as the core processing engine for European clearing house operator Bankgirot: The Banker’s ‘Innovation in Technology and Transaction Banking Award for Best Payments Technology’ and a Celent Model Bank award for Bankgirot’s real-time banking solution.

Interested in accelerating your move to immediate payments? Learn how Finastra can support your immediate payments strategy by providing simulated connectivity to real-time networks using our cloud-based test environments:


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