Fusion CLS ServicesFusion CLS Services

Fusion CLS Service

Capitalize on CLS

Take advantage of the expanding CLS system for FX trades 

Manage risk, find opportunity

The Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) system for foreign exchange (FX) is extending its coverage to include more participants, currencies and instruments. As a result, banks are no longer just looking to manage the risk on existing FX transactions: they are also seeking to capitalize on the opportunities presented by this rapidly expanding universe.

Integrated settlement services

Fusion CLS Service enables you to achieve this. It provides banks with a complete set of integrated settlement services for both proprietary and non-proprietary FX transactions, funds and derivatives. It also offers internal netting for all currencies, and an extensive third-party processing model for service providers and custodians. 

Monitoring and automation

The solution captures, stores and processes FX transaction messages according to CLS rules and operating procedures. It enables you to monitor daily CLS activities, automates reconciling and settlement of ‘pay-in’ and ‘pay-out’ schedules at both Control Branch, Branch and Third Party level, assesses credit in real-time and automatically feeds data to internal bank systems and third parties, supporting all CLS products.

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