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Fusion LenderComm

The syndicated lending community

Transparent and convenient agent-lender communication

Developed in close collaboration with some of the world’s top global banks including BNP Paribas, BNY Mellon, HSBC, ING and State Street, Fusion LenderComm is a platform for the syndicated lending community.

Fusion LenderComm reduces the cost and burden of agent-to-lender administration and enables lenders to see accurate information on-demand so they can optimize syndicated loan portfolios.

For lenders, Fusion LenderComm technology provides a personalized view of positions across agent banks, helping reduce operational risk in managing multiple participations. Lenders get real-time access to credit agreements, accrual balances, position information and detailed transaction data directly from agent banks’ loan servicing platforms such as Fusion Loan IQ. This level of transparency and convenience in syndicated loan servicing means fewer emails and phone calls, and provides an immutable record of transactions during the lifecycle of deals.

What the industry is saying about LenderComm:

We welcome innovative tools that will help the market settle trades quicker and make information readily available to lenders who need it. A portal and network like Fusion LenderComm that brings more efficiencies to the loan market, and the agent banks that service it, has significant potential.”

Ellen Hefferan, Senior Vice President of Operations & Accounting, Loan Syndications & Trading Association (LSTA)

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