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Canadian Mortgage Technology

Customer-centric mortgage solutions

Finastra’s solutions for lenders and brokers streamline the mortgage process

Designed for markets with high concentrations of brokers, the Canadian Mortgage Technology solution comprises three products – Fusion Filogix Expert, Fusion Filogix Exchange and Fusion Filogix Express – that work together to deliver a customer-centric application process and improve underwriting productivity.

Fusion Filogix Expert, a web-based solution designed to simplify the mortgage application process, brings together a network of more than 80 lenders and over 14,000 mortgage sales professionals for more efficient deal throughput.

Fusion Filogix Exchange, a secure document management solution, allows mortgage lenders and sales professionals to share, store, and manage all the documents associated with the mortgage sales process.

Fusion Filogix Express is a mortgage underwriting solution that helps lenders remain competitive and responsive to their mortgage sales network, while ensuring compliance with their credit risk policies.

Why mortgage brokers use Fusion Filogix Expert:

  • Unparalleled connectivity to the largest network of mortgage brokers, lenders and other third party industry participants in Canada
  • Standardized process for deal submission across lenders and mortgage brokers for more efficient processing.
  • Real-time deal input, access to condition status updates and seamless document sharing. The status of the deal remains visible to brokers throughout the process
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface with robust help capabilities
  • 24/7 availability – anytime, anywhere, from any web browser
  • Robust data capture, validation, and data verification capabilities
  • A variety of online sales tools and “what if” calculators to help brokers better serve their customers
  • Configurable and customizable integration points and user hierarchies to fully meet brokers’ unique, end-to-end deal processing needs
  • Security and compliance tools that are designed to uphold industry standards and government regulations for privacy and data access

Why mortgage brokers use Fusion Filogix Exchange:

  • Enable more efficient and secure electronic document sharing between lenders and mortgage brokers.
  • Email notification when documents have been received
  • Accessible anytime via the web
  • Secure centralized location of all mortgage documents, saving time and money through a reduced reliance on offsite storage and retrieval of documents.
  • Facilitates audit and compliance through:
    • Controlled and audited access o Increased ability to detect fraud/forgery
    • Enforcement of internal reviews and audit policies
    • Easy to use thereby ensuring documents are complete and available upon request
  • Security and compliance tools that are designed to uphold industry standards and government regulations for privacy and data access

Why lenders choose the Fusion Filogix Express mortgage underwriting platform:

  • Unparalleled connectivity to the Canadian Mortgage Broker network and other third party industry participants
  • Built in fraud prevention processes and security features including a best in class business rules engine that can be set to mimic lender’s policies
  • 24/7 availability – robust support for a centralized underwriting center
  • A web-based solution that scales easily as your business grows, minimizing operational impact

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