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Total Lending Commercial

End-to-end lending solutions

Lending Solutions to grow and transform your commercial lending business

Total Lending Commercial is the industry-leading loan origination software solution, rated best-in-class* by Aite Group. It seamlessly connects loan origination, loan processing, compliance oversight, and risk management in a single solution.

360-degree view

Applications, workflows, financial analysis, electronic-compliant documents and servicing systems are all integrated, giving you a 360-degree view of relationships under management.

Scaled to fit

Regardless of the size of your financial institution, Total Lending Commercial can accommodate the entire lending activity lifecycle. You can streamline small business loans or use the solution to carefully craft large complex commercial deals. Compliance excellence is assured with configurable documents offered by Fusion LaserPro.

Benefit from Finastra’s Total Lending Commercial bundled solutions delivering a comprehensive end-to-end workflow allowing for maximum flexibility and functionality, depending on your specific needs and the growth goals of your financial institution:

  • Essential: Gain a simplified, transparent, and integrated underwriting workflow that lets you streamline the loan origination, processing and documentation of your commercial loans while automating the challenging compliance functions with speed and precision.
  • Premium: Take the streamlined and transparent loan origination and processing to the next level by incorporating powerful financial analysis capabilities, and core connectivity combined with Finastra’s industry-leading compliant Fusion LaserPro documentation.
  • Complete: Promoting sustainable growth and providing a 360° view of all relationships throughout the entire lending lifecycle, Complete offers lenders a comprehensive end-to-end commercial credit management system that brings loan origination, analysis, underwriting, flexible and compliant documentation, and executive reporting together in a collaborative streamlined lending solution for simple to complex credit needs.

Fusion CreditQuest

Power strategic portfolio growth with a complete credit risk management system that streamlines loan origination from application to close.

Put your collaborative foot forward with four powerful integrations to help your organization manage credit approvals, financial analysis, risk rating and portfolio.

Fusion CreditQuest Lender Insights

Bridge the communication gap between your lending team and back office, reduce errors, speed time to close and improve your borrower experience.

Don’t let inefficiencies thrive in the void between relationship management, underwriting and loan coordination teams. With easy mobile access to pipelines and application data, you can keep loans moving. Anytime, anywhere.


* Commercial Loan Origination: Scoping the Market and Comparing the Vendors, Aite, 2017

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