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Loan Origination Software

Finastra and Loan Origination Software

Finastra is redefining the loan origination space with end-to-end software solutions that allow financial institutions to automate processes, streamline operations, save operational costs and provide a superior customer experience.

Total Lending transforms and grows your lending portfolio by seamlessly integrating key products that when put together provide unparalleled functionality and limitless capabilities.

Fusion LaserPro is the cornerstone of the Total Lending solution and provides compliant loan document management to provide peace of mind in knowing that your loan packages meet the burden of regulation.

Fusion CreditQuest is the commercial loan origination solution for Total Lending Commercial and provides critical underwriting and risk analysis for driving profitable loans with reduced credit risk.

Similarly, Fusion DecisionPro provides loan origination software for consumer lending to help meet the needs of all types of personal loans.

Together they create the most powerful end-to-end loan origination solution in the financial industry.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved customer experience from reduced decision turn-time
  • Drive increased revenues through business decision optimization and deeper customer engagement
  • Mitigate risk and provide sound decisioning
  • Boost staff productivity with automated workflows and collaboration
  • Improved risk management and compliance with dynamic compliant loan documents
  • Promote sustainable growth through a 360° view of all relationships throughout the lending lifecycle

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