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Leaders in Compliance

For more than 30 years, thousands of lenders across North America have depended on Finastra’s advanced regulatory compliance solutions, including Fusion LaserPro - the industry’s top loan document compliance technology – to keep them ahead of evolving banking regulations.

Best-in-Class Integrated Lending

Total Lending is the industry-leading document preparation and regulatory compliance solution, rated best-in-class* by Aite Group. It seamlessly connects your loan origination, compliant loan documentation, and financial risk management in a single solution and provides configurable document preparation.

Comprehensive Compliance Support

Working with Finastra, you can stay ahead of any regulatory compliance change by leveraging:

  • A network of state and federal attorneys in 50 states.
  • An in-house compliance team that tracks and responds to upcoming banking regulations.
  • Powerful management readiness solutions and training to help minimize your compliance burden.
  • Leading document preparation and analytics tools that have been designed to ease regulatory compliance for financial institutions of all sizes.

With a focus on streamlining and automating your internal compliance management and tracking, Fusion Compliance Management ensures you remain ahead of the burdens of changing banking regulations and supports your risk-based decisions.

Understanding, identifying and managing corrective actions provides your organization the financial risk management you need without impacting your operation’s, process or revenues. Finastra’s compliance solution provides significant risk mitigation from banking regulations while meeting audit and examiner expectations making your change management process naturally more effective.


*Commercial Loan Origination: Scoping the Market and Comparing the Vendors, Aite, 2017

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