Train the Trainer



If you aspire to become a better trainer/presenter and deliver any form of training on any of the Finastra portfolio, this is for you.

The purpose of this course is to provide the participants with detailed knowledge of adult learning styles, adult learning theory, presentation skills, communication skills and much more. As a result of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Walk away with the ability to successfully facilitate training within a room full of adults.
  2. Successfully facilitate adults from multiple learning backgrounds.
  3. Effectively facilitate adults and manage an audience, from over eager question asking adults to confrontational adults, while maintaining the integrity of the Misys character.
  4. Successfully facilitate adults from multiple cultural background and be observant to their belief and value differences that have an effect on the training event.
  5. Use industry best practices when presenting and communicating to/with adults/clients during a training event.
  6. Mitigate the risk of remote training, as opposed to classroom training, through delivery techniques.
  7. Make training sessions run as smoothly as possible and be as learner friendly as possible, regardless of the topics.

This course will only ever be delivered face to face, led by an instructor at your site or ours.


The following prerequisites are desired, but not required:

  • A desire to become a better Instructor with predicted exposure to training delivery – past or upcoming.

Course Agenda

  • Presentation Skills 101- Participants will learn about the art of presentation, using their voice, body, content and materials to create an effective presentation.
  • Communication Skills- This activity will discuss voice, tone, and the conversational approach and tone that a trainer has to take when presenting to an audience. Participants will learn how to better interact with a diverse audience and to communicate in a more universal context.
  • Cultural Diversity- Participants will get a rich understanding of different cultural barriers, misunderstandings and become more aware of how to cope with a diverse cultural audience within their training environment.
  • Engaging Learners though Instructional Methods- Participants will learn about various adult learning styles and instructional methods to keep adults engaged during their training delivery.
  • Audience Management- Participants will engage in how to better engage and guide their audience through a training session. They will discuss how to insure understanding from the audience, create dialogue during the training session and encourage higher level thinking from group participants.
  • Implementing the A.D.D.I.E. Model- Participants will learn how to implement each portion of the A.D.D.I.E. model (Analyze, Development, Delivery, Implementation and Evaulation) along with learning about Kirkpatrick’s model for event evaluation.
  • Virtual vs Remote- Participants will evaluate the differences between a virtual versus a live training event. They will learn key requirements for each and also the difference when delivering a functional versus a technical training
  • Virtual Engagement- - Participants will learn how to keep a virtual audience engaged in a remote environment through use of online tools and techniques to train audience.
  • Best Practices: Impactful Presentations- Participants will learn about best practices to use when creating and delivering a presentation in a meeting, training delivery or other circumstances.

What's Included

Course includes all training presentation materials, hands on exercises and whole group and small group discussions.

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