System Administration



The purpose of this course is to provide Credit Management Enterprise (CME) system and business administrators with a strong core foundation of knowledge on how to use the system to create deals, configure screens, fields, business rules, and workflows.

This course is a combination of instructor led and remote WebEx:

Days 1 – 5 are instructor-led in classroom; 8 hours each day
Days 6 – 8 are remote using WebEx; 4-6 hours each day


The following prerequisites are desired, but not required:

  • Commercial Lending
  • System administration
  • Understanding of business rules

Course Agenda

8 Day CME Functional Overview and Admin features:

Credit Management Enterprise Overview – How to create a new deal and route. How to create a deal renewal. Hands-on Labs.

General System Administration – Basic system and security configuration (security groups, system users, approval matrix, affiliates). Hands-on Labs.

Configuring Screens & Business Rules – Create fields on system-supplied screens; create field-specific business rules. Hands-on Labs.

Creating New Screens & Business Rules – Create new screens (Questionnaires); create field-specific business rules; create Approval Matrix with Business Rules. Hands-on Labs.

Configuring Guideline Compliance and Due Diligence Tracking – Set up and configure Guideline Compliance and Due Diligence Tracking items. Hands-on Labs.

Fundamentals of Routing & Workflow – Configure process hierarchy workflow. Hands-on Lab.

Queue Activity Defaults and Wizard Creation – Configure queue activity defaults and create and set up wizards. Hands-on Lab.

Review days 1 – 5.

Configurable CSA and Configurable Legal Document Builder – Create a credit presentation document and legal document using configurable document builders. Hands-on Labs.

Portfolio Management and Entity Maintenance – Overview and details on how to manage portfolios and entities; create and monitor asset-based lending covenants. Hands-on

Review days 1 - 7 and Prep for CME Certification Exam (1/2 day)

Students must complete CME certification within 48 hours of completing the CME System Admin course.

What's Included

Course includes all training presentation materials, hands-on exercises in a Participant Guide, configuration examples using a Client Configuration Document (CCD), and CME System Administration and User Guides