FusionInvest/FusionCapital Sophis Foundation - Back Office Functional



The program includes essential information on how you can achieve and maintain the desired BO workflow (statuses, actions and events) in support of in-house and regulatory business practices, how you can utilize FusionCapital Sophis/FusionInvest BO functionality in order to deploy a customized Confirmations and Payments workflow, the definition of the different types of corporate actions, managed with adjustments in the application and instructions on how to utilize FusionCapital Sophis/FusionInvest Collateral Management Module in order to manage collateral requirements efficiently and effectively.


  • A basic understanding of financial markets and securities trading, particularly buy-side objectives
  • FusionInvest/FusionCapital Sophis Foundation - Front Office Functional

Course Agenda

  • BO Trade Management
  • BO Settlement Instructions
  • BO Confirmations and Payments
  • Corporate Actions
  • Collateral Management
  • Nostro Management and Reconciliations

What's Included

Course includes all training presentation materials and demos. The demos will be on a live system, through Academy Labs.