FusionBanking Trade Innovation Functional – Upgrade



This training is designed for Project Implementation and Support Teams with extensive knowledge of Trade Finance, detailed knowledge of FBTI Setup and Maintenance and detailed knowledge of FBTI Functionalities.

The curriculum provides participants with an understanding of upgrade pre-requisites, updates, capabilities, profiles, definitions, mappings, and various setup & configuration settings from a Trade Innovation Legacy System to FBTI version 2.8. Also, Implement a Trade Innovation system version upgrade given a business case scenario.

The course is available both remotely or Instructor led.


Extensive knowledge of trade finance.
Detailed knowledge of FBTI Setup & Maintenance
Detailed knowledge of FBTI Functionalities

Course Agenda

  • Upgrade Paths ( ½ day )
    • Legacy system to TI+ system
    • TI+ system to version 2.8
  • Upgrade Pre-requisites (1 day)
    • Functional upgrades
  • Upgrade Steps (1 day)
    • CSV Import
    • Assign Capabilities
      • Update Supervisor Profile
    • Static Data Update
    • Reference Number Definition
    • External System Definition
    • SWIFT/Document Mapping - if any
    • User Defined Warning Messages - if any
    • Security Setup
    • System Options
      • Base Rate
      • Attachment DMS
      • Generated Document DMS
      • General Message
      • General Ledger
    • Processing Cycle
    • Batch Setup
      • Remove the FX rate fixing from Business Hours
      • End of Business Hours
      • End of Day
      • Start of Day
      • Start of Business Hours
    • End of day report profile
    • Holidays
    • Workflow Orchestration (Optional)
  • Upgrade Example – Business Case Scenario Hands-on ( 2 ½ days )

What's Included

Course includes all training presentation materials, participant guides and hands-on exercises. The exercises will be on live systems, through Finastra Academy Labs.