Core Business



The purpose of this course is to provide Credit Management Enterprise (CME) end users with the knowledge on how to use CME to create and renew deals, route deals to various commercial lending activities, and approve deals to start the closing, booking, and boarding process. This course also includes information to assist users in gaining and understanding the functions and features of Portfolio Management and Entity Maintenance.

Day 1 Instructor-Led in Classroom
Day 2 Remote WebEx
This course can be instructor led or attended remotely.


The following prerequisites are desired, but not required:

  • Commercial lending experience

Course Agenda

Accessing CME – Login in, time out, group and individual rights

Navigating CME – Menu bar, Dashboard overview, Deal search

Creating a New Deal – Deal definition, new deal workflow, Task menu, add borrowing and related entities, obtain entity credit information, add products and fees, add new and existing collateral, review deal information, review debt and deposit information, work with policy exceptions, add covenant information, work with due diligence tracking items, creating a financing rationale, creating a draft credit presentation

Routing a Deal – Overview of routing and how to use the Route screen to send the deal to the next activity

Approving the Deal – Approval process overview, access the deal, view deal information, approve the products, approve the deal, create the final credit presentation, route to next activity to start closing, booking, boarding process

Renew or Modify a Deal – Overview of the renewal/modification process; modify or renew the deal, route to next activity

Portfolio Management – Overview of Portfolio Management, accessing account information, reviewing and updating tracking items, and monitoring under margin queues.

Entity Maintenance – Overview of Entity Maintenance access, view, and update collateral tracking items and monitored covenants.

What's Included

Course includes all training presentation materials, trainee workbooks and hands-on exercises. The exercises will be on live systems, through Finastra Academy Labs.