cDigital Channels 4.9.1 FCI Customization / Digital Development Kit (DDK) Hands-On Training



Participants get a detailed understanding of the FBE DC BlackBox concept including customization dimensions offered by the Digital Development Kit (DDK)

Being a Hands On Training real coding exercises are provided, so active participation is required.


FBE DC Primer Hands On Training 4.9.1

  • MCA

Course Agenda

1. FBE DC BlackBox & SDK Concept
  • Overview
  • Building the BlackBox
  • Building the SDK
  • BlackBox projects
  • SDK-based PS projects
      a) Customization projects
      b) New PS functions

2. Customization Dimensions – DDK
  • UI customization
      a) Customizing UI-component behaviour
      b) Customising Palette
      c) Templates (providers)
      d) Pluggable UI-Router child-states
      (Receive Money – Western Union example)
      e) Glyphicons
      f) Images

3. Server-side @EnableXXX customizations
  • Foundation-GUI
  • NetbankSRV
  • Remoting

4. Backend Integration
  • @IntegrationEndpoint
  • Marshallers / Unmarshallers
  • DataTypes

5. @SPI

6. Registry concept
  • Second Level Authentication - Example
  (pluggable “2LA-deciders”)
  • Customer Opt Out - Example

7. Admin-based customizations
  • Partner images
  • Bank parameters
  • Currency management
  • Product enabling (product filtering)
  • Bank rule management (PFM)

8. Case studies:
  • Registering a new product group
     a) Product Hierarchy Overview
     b) Backend emulation (new product)
     c) DB updates
     d) Synchronisation / Replication of products (incl. new)
  • Account Overview
    a) New Provider for the new account type
    b) Updating Backend Integration to support the new product
      (without touching services)
    c) Displaying the new product
      (without touching the Account Overview function)
  • Term Deposit
    a) Adding an extra field for Account Overview without touching the factory-default codebase
    b) Adding a new UI-Action for Account Overview without touching the factory-default codebase
   • Segment-based UI

Defining and configuring a new look and feel

What's Included

Full-blown DC development ecosystem hosted in a virtualised (x64 VirtualBox) environment.

VM image is hosted by the Finastra MiCloud infrastructure therefore the training environment is available across Finastra or external access can also be provided via VPN.
The VM can also be run locally (less preferred), but in that case remote assistance might be limited.