Administering MIMIX V8.1 in a FusionBanking environment



Learn the essentials of operating and administering MIMIX Availability V8.1. in a Finastra Fusion environment. After completing the class the student will have an understanding of logical replication and how to administer it in a banking environment. The student’s hands on experience will include common tasks and concepts that are helpful in the day to day operations of MIMIX in a Fusion Banking environment. The course will focus on replication status and day-to-day audits, setting up lights-out-monitoring, correcting replication problems using VSP, ability to view status and determine if the product is performing at the expected level, update configuration based on information in data protection reports, common problem identification and resolution for issues found outside of auditing, and how to perform a role swap.



Course Agenda

1. High availability overview which focuses on:

  • Introduction to logical replication within the context of MIMIX
  • Introduction to i5/OS journaling

2. Understanding MIMIX Installation, upgrades, and License Manager

  • Functions of License Manager
  • How to use the Installation Wizard to update your MIMIX installation

3. Understanding day to day Operations - tasks and monitoring

  • Replication status and correcting data group issues using VSP
          1. Introduction to Vision Solutions Portal to manager MIMIX environments
          2. Recognizing source versus target replication issues
          3. Correcting journaling and object replication errors
          4. Learn how to start and stop various MIMIX processes including data groups, system
              managers and monitors
          5. Recommendation for daily monitoring tasks
          6. Discuss of basic problem determination and resolution
  • Discussion on setting up lights-out-monitoring of MIMIX (Subscriptions)
          1. Configuration of email support
          2. Discussion of available monitored events
          3. Setting up Groups to share VSP configuration
          4. Discussion on how to administer VSP users and their subscriptions
  • Discussion of data synchronization: available methods and why they may be necessary
          1. Available methods for synchronizing library bases objects, IFS, and DLO
          2. Available methods for synchronizing data

4. Introduction of basic configuration

  • Working with schedules
  • Data Protection Reports
          1. Introduction to
          2. Understanding of content and use of information within the reports
          3. Modifying configuration from a Data Protection Report
  • Viewing and modifying configuration using VSP
          1. Introduction to Replication Configuration Window
          2. Use of Selection Rules Window

5. Discussion of MIMIX Auditing on:

  • Understanding of full audits
  • Understanding of Priority Based Audits
  • Working with audits and Monitor
  • Discussion on the use and effects of MIMIX policies
  • Common Audit problems and their resolution

6. Understanding MIMIX Procedures and Steps

  • Discussion on running and viewing status of a procedures
  • Discussion on basics of creating and editing a procedure
  • Understanding of how to customize

7. Discussion of Switching in a MIMIX environment

  • Understanding switch methods
  • Discussion of planned, unplanned, and virtual switches
  • Discussion on the use of Procedures in the switch process
  • Importance of creation and maintenance of the Switch Runbook

What's Included

Training material - in the form of presentation, documents etc.
Exercises as part of Hands on training.

Delivery dates

Suggest once a year in your major regions to allow training for new staff as well as existing staff that did not get the opportunity to attend prior.