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Support Packages

At Finastra we have a differentiated support and services model available to provide you with the engagement and guidance that you need, when you need it – no matter the size and scale of your bank or project.

Our success portfolio ensures our solutions are aligned with your business goals. Finastra offers a three-tier differentiated support and service model to match your business needs. Standard Support provides basic online and telephone coverage, Preferred Active Support is a proactive option designed to maximize the ROI on your Finastra investments and Fusion Select is a partnership model designed around your strategic objectives.

Our success portfolio


We have three models to choose from,
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  • Choose from 45 market-leading services, designed to help build your path to success.
  • Services for innovation, leadership optimization, knowledge and Extended Support Services

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Fusion Select

  • Personalized support
  • Proactive support
  • Mission critical support
  • Enablement

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Preferred Active Support

Reactive basic support

Add-on packages for extra support when you need it, available directly or through Fusion Select.

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Extended Support Services


Extended Support Services

We offer a range of support services that you can add-on to your existing support. From out of hours support through to ad-hoc services and outsourcing, Extended Support Services give you the extra support you need, when you need it.

Finastra Success Portfolio

Whether you’re looking for a minimal level of support from Finastra, or if you’re seeking a complete and holistic service model to achieve your goals, we have a support model that’s right for you.

Get in touch with your Finastra account manager today to learn more about your support options.

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