State of the (Credit) Union, Part #8 - Getting More Out of Less: The Human Resource Challenge


Credit unions are at the pulse of America, and day-to-day business comes with many responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities. State of the (Credit) Union is a series of round table discussions led by credit union leaders, for credit union leaders, and hosted by Finastra. Each session covers one topic that allows you and your team to hear from peers about the latest trends in the industry. You will walk away with ideas, insights, and perhaps even new acquaintances to learn from and work with.

According to one study, over one-third of total revenues at the average credit union goes towards employee compensation, a full 7 points higher than at banks. Assets and memberships are growing, yet the economics of balancing compensation with what is needed to run business don’t always work out. Credit unions don’t have the resources needed to keep every department running fully, and so they sometimes rely on vendors to keep the business afloat. How should you determine which functions to keep internal and those to outsource? What should you expect from your vendors that provide services, like IT?

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