Transform into a platform player with digital lending solutions

Image of webinar title slide and presenterImage of webinar title slide and presenter

With the increased pressure placed by regulations on capital allocation, the squeeze on profit margins and the Amazon-like customer experience expectation, corporate banks have steered into introducing new business models with digital transformation.

Complex loan syndication favors fee income over the traditional interest income. Disparate models and lack of automation exacerbates the process even further. As a result, it is imperative to streamline the syndication process and become a platform player that offers speed and efficiency.

Learn how you can bring lenders and investors together in one platform, enriched with functionality to support all stages of the syndication book build process in a single solution. Register now to understand how to:

  • Transform your syndicated lending process
  • What it means to take the platform approach
  • How to grow revenue with real-time data

Who should watch: Front Office Syndicators. The session will focus on Front Office Syndicators and Book Running Workflows.