Maximizing the Primary Financial Relationship, Strategies for Being Borrowers’ First and Last Stop in the Era of Digital Lending

Maximizing the Primary Financial RelationshipMaximizing the Primary Financial Relationship

Digital channels have proven a significant benefit to the financial services industry. However, they have also introduced a new set of risks and competition for community banks and credit unions. Megabanks and alternative lenders dominate the digital scene as consumers increasingly look for ease and convenience.

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  • 62% of credit union members and 65% of bank customers look to another FIs for loans
  • 29% of large FI customers, 64% of smaller FI customers and 70% of credit union members sign and close loans in person
  • 46% of large FI customers, 58% of smaller FI customers and 61% of credit union members prefer an online application over in person and other channels