Digitalization journey: Fixing the loan documentation headache

Image of woman with smart phoneImage of woman with smart phone

Lending digitalization has been a trend in recent years, and then the pandemic quickly accelerated transformations to meet borrower demand. Now digital lending is not just a trend; it is a necessity for banks and credit unions to stay competitive and in-line with borrower expectations.

To meet and exceed these expectations, financial institutions must find ways to streamline historically inefficient processes, including loan documentation. Loan documentation was traditionally a paper intensive process, but it doesn’t have to be with technology advancements.

Listen to Abrigo, Finastra and First Liberty Bank to uncover the most common loan production challenges and how to alleviate them. You will learn:

  • The most common loan documentation errors
  • How to avoid frequent risk-causing mistakes
  • The power of digitalization using APIs and other technology