Helping you help your communityHelping you help your community

Helping you help your community.

Business in an unusual time

It’s not business as usual. As an essential service, community banks and credit unions are uniquely positioned to provide personalized and empathetic services in an uncertain time.

As your community turns to you, we want to help make things a little easier.

​We have compiled useful tools, tips, and ideas to help you shape the future. As always, we have you (virtually) covered.

How community banks and credit unions can support customers and members during the pandemic

Discover the tools you already have to assist
account holders and borrowers


Sometimes it takes a crisis to realize your potential...


"...the financial services industry has shown that to be true throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to date. Banks and credit unions have largely risen to the challenge and continue to serve their communities’ financial needs. But we are facing a very different future, and financial institutions must continue to adapt."

– Chris Zingo, SVP and GM of Americas Field Operations





Prevailing in an industry forever changed

In this two-part series, discover how community banks and credit unions must adapt to prevail in an industry forever changed.

Join Microsoft’s Tom Feher, Cornerstone Advisors’ Sam Kilmer, and Finastra’s John Weinkowitz, as they discuss how current events have shaped the future of Retail banking, and how community banks and credit unions now must rethink how they approach business.


Part 1: The new banking nerve center and focus on financial health

Panelists discuss how COVID has forced a change in the industry, redefined the banking nerve center, and how “financial health” is the way to move forward in servicing account holders.

Part 2: Overnight transformation and the impact on cloud and core

We talk about what transformation looks like now, and how cloud adaptation of systems has been accelerated. With this change, an understanding of the advantages of the cloud for functioning in the new world is mandatory, and transformation to the cloud, the norm.


Helpful resources and tools to navigate the “new normal”

(Still) Open for small business
For your small and medium size business needs
  • CARES Act and PPP - Finastra is already taking action to help equip banks and credit unions with critical information. Learn more.
  • Fusion Small Business POS supports virtual lending needs with a free online application designed to help small businesses access relief funding quickly.
  • Visit our dedicated thought leadership site to gain key insights and innovations, specifically for those that are in the Business of Small Business.



Webinars designed to make you think




We have you (virtually) covered

Woman looking at laptop

Finastra is committed to bringing industry changing, insightful and knowledge-based events to the market. As we adapt to a new way of working alongside you and our ecosystem of partners, we are developing a plan to digitally connect with you to share our vision and develop new forum to exchange ideas and opinions.

We are confident that we will resume in-person events in 2021 and are planning accordingly. For now, we are moving forward with many of our event programs virtually (additional details to be announced soon):

  • Finastra Universe will take place virtually with extra care taken to foster opportunities for open dialogue and networking
  • Finastra Learning Exchange (formerly Finastra User Connects) are being rebooted and will also be offered virtually in 2020
  • Third-party shows will be reviewed as they resume however, in-person event participation will not resume until the new year


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