Ahead of the Curve With Economic TrendsAhead of the Curve With Economic Trends

Ahead of the Curve With Economic Trends

Linking Economic Indicators to Your Success

Following the rise and fall of the economy can help you understand how to meet client and member needs, while planning to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Consumer and business behaviors are directly impacted by trends in unemployement, interest rates and regional industry growth. In turn, their deposit and lending needs may change.

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With New Construction Booming, Opportunities Abound

Falling demand for housing and the rising cost of skilled labor has kept the new construction home market from building any upward momentum in recent years. However, things may be about to change.

“The construction industry is expected to become one of the fastest growing industries over the next five years, with a projected growth rate of 4.5 percent.”

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New Construction Booming, Opportunities Abound


Beyond Trade Negotiations, Impact of Commercial Economic Trends on Banking

Trade negotiations and falling unemployment rates: these are just a couple of the trends confronting American business today. As companies grapple with the broader forces of change, the decisions they make could have far-reaching consequences for community banks and credit unions. To keep you abreast of the market forces shaping commercial clients today, we’re covering the top economic trends and how they are likely to impact community banking and credit union operations.

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Weathering Consumer Economic Trends: Following the Data Trail

Despite greater profitability and an overall positive outlook, several consumer trends are reshaping the way the banking industry does business, impacting both the short-term and long-term outlook. Fortunately, these changes are occurring at a time when data is more prevalent than ever, providing community banks and credit unions with a competitive advantage, if they know where to look for insight.

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Into the unknown - Life after LIBOR

After a tumultuous and controversial journey, the LIBOR benchmark will finally meet its end in 2021. It's time for banks to get ready for change, but with no clear idea for the future, it's difficult to know how to prepare for the transition. Do you have a plan for life after LIBOR?



Finastra Solutions to Stay Ahead of Economic Trends


Digital Banking

Digital Banking

Fusion Digital Banking, powered by Malauzai, provides a highly personalized, relevant digital experience that is consistent across all channels.

Digital Banking

Commercial Lending

Business and commercial lending solutions that enable your borrowers to adapt to economic changes and impacts.

Consumer Lending & Mortgage

Consumer Lending & Mortgage

An ever-changing economy can drive demand for new home financing. Be prepared to meet your borrower’s digital expectations with complete mortgage solutions.


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