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Finastra Universe Paris

20 Feb - 21 Feb 2019 | Paris, France

This event draws together global and regional experts to explore the growing impact of technology on the banking sector and the challenges facing banks as they accelerate their transformation into strategically focused, technologically adept and operationally agile organizations.

Finastra Turkey Solution Forum - Post Volatility Banking

21 Feb 2019 | Istanbul, Turkey

The fundamentals of global trade are being challenged as never before. Trade blocks are under pressure and growth is lagging. Financial market constraints are making it difficult for all but the largest players to trade freely. Consumers and producers in every continent are wondering if globalization is really garnering prosperity.

Microsoft and Finastra - becoming the market maker for innovation in financial services

FusionFabric.cloud: Your platform for the API economy

FusionFabric.cloud: Open collaboration is the new innovation in financial services

Transforming Financial Services with FusionFabric.cloud

Watch Kate’s story as she evolves from small business owner to large global enterprise.

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Correspondent banking is facing the same challenges from new technologies and players as the rest of the banking market. And with new competitors offering almost immediate settlement of cross-border payments, banks need to worry about customer retention if they want to maintain market dominance.

From a new Fintech giant comes a new age in financial software

Today, banks of all sizes are being held back by outdated, legacy systems and increasing regulations. But customers want innovation more than ever. It’s time for a new approach to financial software. Leveraging the combined strength of Misys and D+H to create Finastra, we’ve developed a dynamic, open platform that lets financial institutions integrate new technology seamlessly – bringing new products to market more quickly and creating a better customer experience.

The future of finance is open.

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